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Webinar: The Future of Banking with Discover

Presented by Steve Furman, Director of Digital Experiences at Discover and Jared Johnson, Principal Digital Strategist at Solstice

The idea of "wherever, whenever" banking has forever changed how consumers expect to bank and borrow, and today's emerging technologies like conversational agents are only adding fuel to that fire.

As the ante continues to be raised by those inside and outside of the sector (read Amazon, Uber, and Apple just to name a few), financial institutions are working harder than ever to quickly deliver compelling, simplified, and differentiated digital experiences that translate into customer loyalty.

On this webinar, Jared Johnson sits down with Discover's Director of Digital Experiences, Steve Furman, to discuss:

  • Why retail banks and lenders must re-imagine customer experiences across the entire customer journey
  • The importance of introducing new digital products and services to stay competitive in today’s changing world
  • How retail banks should look to tackle digital transformation from the inside-out
  • And much more!

Watch this webinar on-demand now.

Meet the presenters: 

Jared Johnson
Principal Digital Strategist,
Steve Furman
Director of Digital Experiences, Bank Deposits, 

Watch our webinar: