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Webinar: The Future of Wealth Management with Northern Trust

Presented by Sarah Lavin, SVP at Northern Trust, and Paul Heckel, VP of Customer Experience at Solstice

The largest wealth transfer in the history of the world is underway. As Baby Boomers prepare to shift $30 trillion in assets to Gen X and Millennials, how will wealth management firms meet the next generations' expectations? 

On this webinar, Paul Heckel, VP of Customer Experience at Solstice, sits down with Sarah Lavin, SVP, Wealth Management Strategy & Product Design at Northern Trust. Together, they discuss how firms are leveraging digital innovation to enhance the advisor/client relationship, experiment with new technologies like conversational UX, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

Listeners will walk away with knowledge on:

  • Why wealth and investment firms must reimagine both the client and advisor journeys
  • How to break through the red tape and spark digital innovation
  • Best practices for tackling digital transformation from the inside-out
  • And much more...

Tune in now. 

Meet the presenters: 

Paul Heckel
VP Customer Experience,
Sarah Lavin
SVP, Wealth Management Strategy & Product Design,
Northern Trust

Watch our webinar: